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The cost of doing nothing

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Nowadays it seems everybody and everything is "green". From our light bulbs, windows, and doors. To our cars, coffee cups even our reusable shopping bags. It's good for our environment. And in the long run, usually it's good for our wallet too.

But most of us ignore the elephant in the room. Well technically our backyard. I'm talking of course about the swimming pool. In my hometown of Grand Haven our average utility cost is about 10 cents a kilowatt. Of course that's before they tack on 10 or so extra charges to the bill. But, even at that rate for a pool owner to run a 25,000 gallon pool 10hrs. a day would run in the neighborhood of $2.00 a day. Now that may not sound bad. But over an average summer of 5 months that pool will cost around $300 a summer. No heat, no chemicals, no regular maintenance. Just to run the pump. 

With my 20+ years of experience I'd estimate the average lifespan of a pool pump is usually 10-15 yrs. So with a normal single speed pump at $300 for 13 years that's $3900. Now I don't know about you, but for me that's not chump change. 

Well of course I'm a businessman. And you're probably asking yourself okay Don what's the pitch? Well, here it goes. Variable speed motors!! They power everything from elevators and roller coasters. To golf carts and many newer clothes washers and dryers. They're quieter, more efficient, and they give us the power we need when we need it. And savings in our pockets when we don't. 

So what do the numbers look like? Well let's figure the same pool we used earlier 25,000 gallons, 10 hours a day at 10 cents a kilowatt hour for 5 months. With a Pentair VF 3050 pump how's $0.25 a day sound? Around $38 a year to do the same job as the other pump. That's pretty significant savings, around 85%. So, if we figure the same lifespan of 13 years we'd be looking at $494 compared to $3900. So What is the cost of doing nothing? In this example it's $3406. 

Now obviously the upfront cost will be higher. Around $600 more than a comparable single speed pump. But we're still talking thousands in saving over the life of the pump. How does your pool rank? Find out for yourself HERE . To find out more about Pentair variable speed pumps. And other money saving products call 616-842-6498

Here's to a long hot summer,

Don Zant III

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